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About Us

              The Delta Firm has been helping clients resolve disputes throughout Arkansas since 2017. We offer Mediation, Arbitration, legal research, and case analysis (including mini trials and focus panels).We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality services that promote communication and empowerment. Our business' core values and high success rates are what sets us apart from competitors.


Some of our core values include: 

FairnessWe follow ADR's best practices, industry standards, and promote fair and just results. 

Privacy: Unlike resolving a matter in court, mediation and arbitration negotiation discussions are completely confidential.  You will not have to worry about any court transcript, public record, or files left in an office. Nothing is recorded, our files are shredded, and our emails are encrypted.

Efficiency: We resolve disputes quicker and for less money than if you filed a lawsuit. Mediation and Arbitration is the dispute resolution process that gives you the most "bang for your buck." When you're done with the drama and ready to move on...give us a call at  (501) 213-3582.

Caroline Huff, J.D. 

Small Business Owner

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Caroline Huff, a local mediator and lifelong Conway resident, has dedicated her career to helping others resolve disputes and prevent conflicts. Shortly after graduating from law school, Caroline established The Delta Firm, an Arkansas based mediation business to put her advanced negotiation skills to use for the greater good of her fellow Arkansans. 


Arbitrator and state certified Mediator, Caroline helps clients resolve the following types of disputes: Civil, Domestic Relations (including Access & Visitation mediations), and Probate matters.* 


*Civilpersonal injury, breach of contract, malpractice, construction, property line disputes, employment disputes, and more;

*Domestic Relations: divorce, property distribution, pre-nuptial agreements, co-parenting plans, child support, custody and visitation, parent-child disputes, etc. 

*Probate: Disputes regarding adoption, guardianship, estate distributions, will or trust matters, healthcare/power of attorney appointments, elderly care, etc. 

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