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Resolving your dispute through mediation means you are: 

  • In control of the outcome; 

  • Protecting your privacy; 

  • Negotiating with the guidance of a trained Mediator; 

  • Save the money you would have spent filing a lawsuit (court costs and attorney fees); and

  • Closing the chapter of conflict and able to move on with your life. 

"How do I know if my dispute can be mediated?" 

The Delta Firm conducts mediations regarding disputes in the following categories: 

Domestic Relations: 

  • Divorce, property distribution, co-parenting plans, custody, child support, visitation, family disagreements, blended family transitional disputes, etc.


  •  Disputes between beneficiaries, disputes between family members or other interested parties about a probate matter, etc.


  • ​Personal injury claims, insurance claims, Disagreements or disputes between neighbors, landlord and tenant(s), employer and employee(s), etc. 

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