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About The Delta Firm

Conflict is a part of life. Many assume that disputes and grievances are only brought to justice in the courtroom, but there are other options provided to you under the law. The Delta Firm has a better solution for those of you who value privacy, time, and money. We offer the 100% confidential, streamlined methods of mediation and arbitration as a means to resolve your disputes. When you take matters to court, you're taking the passenger seat. Someone else determines the outcome for you. In mediation, a neutral third party, the mediator, is there to provide navigational guidance. Resolving your matters through mediation puts you back in the driver's seat. You control the outcome. 

     At the end of mediation, there are two possible outcomes: you reach an agreement and the terms are detailed in a legally binding settlement agreement that is enforceable under contract law; or there is no agreement reached and the parties can choose to take the matter to court. Unlike the court record transcribed during hearings, there is no public record of the negotiation discussions made during mediation. It's your future. Shouldn't it be on your terms? 

Our Services

Civil Mediation & Arbitration

Some examples of civil matters that may be resolved through mediation or arbitration include:

Breach of contract, tort, negligence, medical or legal malpractice, personal injury, car accidents, insurance claims, etc.

Domestic Relations Mediation

Divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, guardianship, co-parenting, parent-child disputes, adoption matters, marital mediation, etc. ​


Probate Mediation

Disputes regarding the execution of a will, trust, or estate planning document (health care plans, power of attorney, etc.) ​

Research​ & Fact-finding 


Domestic Relations Mediation & Arbitration

Probate Mediation & Arbitration

Civil Disputes Mediation & Arbitration





Services Offered


Our Team

Caroline Huff, J.D.

Founder and CEO

Arkansas Mediator and Arbitrator


Bachelor of Arts (2012)

Political Science and Criminology

University of Central Arkansas

Conway, Arkansas

Juris Doctorate (2016)

William H. Bowen School of Law

Little Rock, Arkansas

Mediation Certifications: 

ARkansas ADR #2017-07

  • Domestic Relations

  • Probate


Caroline enjoys cooking, reading, and playing with her "stampede" of dogs, which includes a German Shepherd, a Red Healer mix, and a miniature Chihuahua (AKA: "The Instigator"). 

Lauren A. Montgomery

Research Analyst

Bachelor of Science (2018)

University of Central Arkansas


Provided by: Arkansas Judiciary



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Little Rock, Arkansas 72201



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