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“The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried.”  

 -Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

About The Delta Firm

Since 2017, The Delta Firm has provided mediation services throughout Arkansas. Our clients' privacy is of the utmost importance. Mediation provides clients with a layer of confidentiality that they could not receive in a courtroom. Everything said in a courtroom is transcribed and subject to public record, but discussions that take place during mediation are not. Business owner and lead Mediator, Caroline C. Huff, J.D.  states: 

 "By resolving disputes through mediation, you have more control over the outcome and more privacy than in a courtroom. If parties reach an agreement, then the terms will be in a legally binding contract (Settlement Agreement). The resolution process of mediation, as opposed to litigation, will cost much less time and money." 

Over the last couple of years, our services have expanded to Human Resource training, business risk analysis, and campaign management.


Discrete Dispute Resolution:             Mediation & Arbitration

Staying home protects your health...

Discrete Dispute Resolution protects your privacy. 


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Meet The Team


Caroline C. Huff, J.D.


Business Owner


Lauren Montgomery

Research Analyst


Open Intern Position

B.A. (2012) - Political Science/Sociology 

  University of Central Arkansas

  Conway, Arkansas

 Juris Doctorate (2016)

  William H. Bowen School of Law

   Little Rock, Arkansas

Mediation Certifications: 

Arkansas ADR #2017-07

  •     Domestic Relations

  •     Probate

  •     Civil

  •     Access and Visitation

   B.A. (2018) - Sociology/Criminology

University of Central Arkansas

Conway, Arkansas

   Masters in Business Administration (student) 

Eastern Kentucky University


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"Caroline Huff is hands down the best in the business when it comes to helping out her clients for family law cases! Always professional and courteous of my time and very thorough. Treats her clients with respect and like family! Would highly recommend!" 

B.H. - Google review 





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